What Our Readers are saying

  • Counios and Gane take the young adult mystery novel in exciting new directions and imbue a classic formula with just the right amount of realism.
    - SaskBook Reviews
  • The pages turned and burned until the end. Then we wanted more.
    - Terry Fallis, Suzannah Showler, and Caroline Vu
  • To my delight, I was completely hooked by page 16 of Along Comes a Wolfe, and authors Counios and Gane never let me go. I now eagerly await the next installment of the “Shepherd & Wolfe” series.
    - CM Magazine
  • The authors have created a pair of young sleuths who could be direct descendants of Holmes and Watson.
    - Billings Gazette
  • Counios & Gane have mastered the art of the short chapter.
    - Resource Links

Counios & Gane News

Summer Escapes

Upcoming Chapters book signing.

Thank you to everyone...

...who came for a book, brew, beer and baking at our book launch of Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing.
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The Counios & Gane Show

Inspiration for Shepherd's Watch

Today we're sharing some of our inspiration for Shepherd's Watch, since we did a little tour of some of the locations that inspired the book.

Keep on creating

On our drive home from our book signing in Nipawin, we stopped to look at a place north of Tisdale that could best be described as found art: household items attached to a fenceline and tables.
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