What Our Readers are saying

  • Counios and Gane take the young adult mystery novel in exciting new directions and imbue a classic formula with just the right amount of realism.
    - SaskBook Reviews
  • The pages turned and burned until the end. Then we wanted more.
    - Terry Fallis, Suzannah Showler, and Caroline Vu
  • To my delight, I was completely hooked by page 16 of Along Comes a Wolfe, and authors Counios and Gane never let me go. I now eagerly await the next installment of the “Shepherd & Wolfe” series.
    - CM Magazine
  • The authors have created a pair of young sleuths who could be direct descendants of Holmes and Watson.
    - Billings Gazette
  • Counios & Gane have mastered the art of the short chapter.
    - Resource Links

Counios & Gane News

Dealing with Stress

Ang is travelling and so David has recruited his daughter to help out. This week we talk about dealing with stress—even when you are still in that stressful situation!

Word Counts

This week it’s all about word counts on our books.

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