| David Gane

A Rough Session

Hey Ang,

Thanks for a good meeting tonight. I like having our to-do list up on the whiteboard now. Although I put it up there for you, I think it is going to keep me on task as well.

But of course, I'm still bummed out on what we plan to do to our characters. It may be the excessive amount of beer I had (I'm happy you spilled it so I didn't have to drink more) but I'm not used to feeling this way.

I like being tough on the characters. In fact, I think you've said that about me in a previous blog post. And I know I tell my students to be on them all the time.

Except now, I feel we really take Shepherd and Wolfe on a rough ride in Book 3 and I can't help but worry for them.

It reminds me of book 4 for Harry Potter. It absolutely changed the series. There was a certain rhythm to the books and then it all changed with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Things got real by the end and the Harry really had to grow up quick (as did the book series).

I don't think our boys are quite like that but the stuff coming at them makes me worry. They're going to face some really tough situations and their characters are going to be tested and I'm not sure how they'll make it through.

Anyway, it was a rough and I need my rest.

Talk to you soon.


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