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A stellar review

We just received a wonderful review from the stepmom of a reader that made Ang and I smile.

She said: "He is an avid reader and, I think, a very good writer, too. He is a very smart kid with math marks that are unbelievable to his teachers."

"He is 13 and going through the 'hermit phase' of his social development where he keeps to himself. He doesn't say much to anyone and certainly doesn't want to appear smart to his friends at school."

This is her interpretation of his review from his actions:

"He devoured your book in a couple of days—your book held his attention and made him want to keep reading.

He finished your book—he doesn't have patience for books that don't suit him so he'll give up after just a couple of chapters if the book is not for him."

His written review is below:

She said: "I forgot to mention that this kid rates everything from a ride at Universal Studios to my cooking (which is not too shabby) with a maximum of 8/10. Nothing is ever off the charts with this kid. 7/10 is stellar!"


This is why we love to write.


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