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A Year of Blogging

When I started blogging I was so nervous.

I didn't have a solid grasp on what this blogging thing was about. Was it like journaling or was it different? Could I handle the technology side of it (not really but Dave's awesome for that). Would have enough stuff to write about or would people even read it. And, if they read it would they like it? I'm not stuck on people's opinions of me but I did want the writing to be liked as it was the doorway to the selling of our projects (books and scripts).

Lots to be nervous about and those nerves jammed me up.

Advertising Self

I use Facebook and Tumblr. At some point I was on Flickr. I’m on Twitter and Instagram. All these are fun but blogging on Counios and Gane just felt so much more official than any of these other forms of social media. I felt pressure.

Help was on the way

I hesitated too long and hard about what to write the first time. Dave did me the favour of giving me questions to answer for a blog spot. It was really just to prompt me, to get the wheels turning, to get me out of the gate. I needed it.


It feels dumb to actually say that assistance was necessary since I’ve been journaling pretty much my whole life but those journals are hidden and safe until I decide if they make their way into the light or end up in a bonfire.

Once again the idea of putting myself out there reminds me that on some level I do care how I am perceived. I want to be taken seriously. I have an idea of what I am about as a writer and that needs to come through in my writing, on Counios and Gane and in my life.

I’ve been gentle with myself in the process of posting these things and after a year I have pretty much posted twice a month. It felt like a lot at the time but looking back, it feels like it’s nowhere near enough to promote what we do. We both agree that there needs to be more posts.


I have enjoyed writing about the process of working on the book and the experience of being a writer. I enjoy Dave’s editing of my posts. I enjoy the dialogue he and I get into when there is something written worth chatting about. I enjoy taking and looking for photos to use for my posts. The whole thing is generally really a good process for me.


Time is the issue.

This is where I stumble. It’s not about being lazy. I am not that. It’s about finding the time to reflect and share when I have a job teaching full time at a local high school and a job writing a book (which is done now but book two has begun).

I do believe that when a person does what they love they do find the time. And I have. And I am committed to finding more, as much as is necessary to do what needs to get done.


This has never been an issue. It’s like I have a little bell in my brain and as I am talking with a friend or reading something it pings and I note another idea to write about.

My past posts have been encouraging to me. I have waved my feminist flag, I have put my ego aside to learn more, I have pep talked, ranted, listed, researched, poked fun at, suggested, joked, and fell into storytelling.

I believe that as time passes the blogging will become easier and easier. The more I write the more there is to write about. And as long as I am passionate about what I’m doing I will indeed find the time.

I’m not nervous anymore. A year has passed. And with that time I have been given the gift of confidence.

Now to carve out the time.

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