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A Year of Growth

I almost thought I had nothing for today's blog until my wife told me to go pick up cupcakes for our planned celebration.

Second Anniversary

September 3rd snuck past Ang and I, so we had a late celebration. I brought the cupcakes and Ang gave us presents (mine was a notebook made from an old Nancy Drew mystery).

Over the past year:

  • We self-published our first book Along Comes a Wolfe
  • We turned Counios and Gane into an official partnership.
  • We hired ourselves a publisher, Heather Nickel from Your Nickel's Worth Publishing
  • We are about to re-release Along Comes A Wolfe with the help of Heather.
  • We wrote book two, Shepherd's Watch, which comes out shortly after the re-release (target date is November).

It's been a good year.

What's next?

  • Book 3 is in the works. We know the killer and we know a lot of what happens to our boy detectives.
  • We plan to hit book shows, fan expos, book readings, and have a good old fashioned release party.
  • We know there are five books in the series and we think we can get close to two books a year, so we are starting ask ourselves what comes after Shepherd and Wolfe.

Ang has a thing about smooshing our cupcakes together. It's very weird but I think it was just to steal my toppings.

Yes, Kate, I left the Rolo cupcake for you in the fridge.

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