| David Gane

Action over Hearts

Last week’s discussion of passive and active engagement was sparked by Twitter’s changing their “Like” button to their new heart button.

These type of buttons are good ways to show encouragement and support of someone’s situation, thoughts, or ideas.

However, these things don’t help creators. Yes, it shows your love and support, but a retweet or repost extends them to your network. Furthermore, a retweet with a note that says, “You should buy this [artwork/craft/book]. It is awesome!” has even more power and may help sell some more items.

Of course, the best thing is to buy whatever people are selling. It supports the creator with your money, it helps move them up on the sales charts (more sales=higher ranking), which exposes them to early adopters who search these charts looking for new things.

Liking and hearing things is wonderful but unfortunately, a passive activity that yields very little. If you truly wish to show your support to the creators you follow, sometimes it requires a little more action.

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