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Along Comes a Wolfe status


You may be wondering, "Hey Dave and Angie, where the hell is your new book?"

At which point, Angie pushes David onto the stage and runs away.

It's done.


We've been doing a final polish of it all this week, to make sure it looked its best.

Then, I noticed some weird spacing glitches between punctuation and letters, which of course, I had to fix, which then devolved into me having to go into the actual code of the book, which looks like this...

...which made me feel like I was work back in university trying to finish an essay that was due for tomorrow.

But we got it done and uploaded last night, but then...

Long story short: I'm an idiot...

I hit the wrong button.

Instead of the book delivering today, it's to be ready for preorder on the 16th, two weeks from now.[1]

And there seemed no way to change it.

So, I went to bed frustrated with what I had done.

After a night of sleep, I came back to it and emailed the Kindle people to figure out what could be done.

We now have a second version of the book submitted, which releases immediately and once the first one goes live, it will be deleted immediately (so don't preorder it).[2]

Approval can take anywhere up to three days, so now I will spend my days refreshing and watching my Kindle account for the next 72 hours.

  1. This had been our original date of release before we decided to bump it up. ↩︎

  2. My penalty for being an idiot is that I'm not allowed pre-orders for a year, which is fine by me. Maybe it will keep me out of trouble. ↩︎

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