| Angie Counios

Along Comes an Artist...

Everyday at school in art class, I post an image for inspiration on the projector. It's something for them to get their head in the drawing art game. Just a five minute warm up.

I decided to post the cover of Along Comes A Wolfe for inspiration.

Here are some good, bad and ugly examples.

For the record, I restrict the use of black pastels which is why this kid picked brown. There's always one artist who sticks tight to the image.

And then there are those young artists who may perhaps have a chance at a creative future, playing with the idea they are given.

This pencil drawing made me laugh out loud because the student is very skilled but made complete fun of the assignment adding 'woof'. Awesome.

Along Comes a Counios? Huh... What a portrait! And look at those bags under my eyes. Oh my! Writing is taking its toll. Or maybe teaching is.

Permission was requested and granted by each student for their images, so thanks, pupils.

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