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Am I bragging?

If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.
-Wayne Dyer

Garden gifts

I was generously given a car full of vegetables from the mom of my friend Pam. A little while later I was given a car load of vegetables from my mom.

I took photos of each harvest. I posted one photo on Facebook. I was about to post the second and then hesitated. Was I bragging or was I expressing gratitude and sharing that gratitude?

They were a gift and I was happy about it.

Good question.

Right around that time Dave and I finished book two of the Shepherd and Wolfe series. I got up. Walked over to Facebook. And let my Facebook friends know that we had completed a second book. Yay us! The post went something like "Hey everybody! We're done book two! Awesome! Stay tuned for details."


In a quiet moment after that a little voice inside my head, (the a**hole not the good guy), started poking me, making me consider that maybe I'm bragging. This voice reminded me of all the times I sat in on conversations where friends said they wish there was a 'who cares' button beside the like button for the garbage people put on Facebook. What did they eat? Who cares. What did their kid do? Who cares. Where did they go? Who cares.

Now here's the thing with Facebook...you requested a Facebook friendship with someone. They accepted you. Or they requested it from you and you accepted them. So, if they're your friend don't you want to know about their life? Don't you care? And if you don't care why are you following them?


I guess my veggie haul could be seen as me bragging. One perspective could be "look at all this stuff I have" and the other could be "look how grateful I am for all this generosity." The completion of the book could be "I'm so grateful this book is done."

I'm not saying anything false. I'm not overstating anything. I guess it's all about how you spin it and the intention behind it.

My hope is that maybe I inspire someone with my thoughts and experience while they witness parts of my life.

And the rest of the Negative Nancy's can...you know. I'm not posting those suggestions, because well...they're negative.

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