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An Improvised Q & A

Dave posted photos of our day at The Artful Dodger Café and Music Emporium.

I talked about being nervous and ‘buzzy’ in a previous post.

My friend Lorraine was the first person picking up a book and my friend Georgina was the last. As a pleasant surprise, I even met Lucas, the eagle eye of our error, who wasn't what I expected at all. And in-between, we had a steady flow of positive people coming by to visit and purchase a signed copy.

Dave and I agreed that it went very well, although exhausting.

As I let those two hours meander in my brain two days later, little verbal snapshots make me smile. Some things were said by readers and some by Dave or myself. I also think that the day was as close to an interview as we have had so far.

Here are a few things overheard:

How good does this feel? Great.

How long did it take you? Less than a year.

Is it signed? Can you sign it? Of course.

Don’t put my name in it. If you get famous it will be worth more. IF!??! P-shaw—When!

Are you starting another one soon? We have already begun.

Great work you guys. Thank you very much.

It’s bigger than I thought. [smile]

I actually now know an author. Actually you know two. [Dave and I smile]

You wrote a book! I know! Crazy! Right?

Could this be a movie? Yes. It sure can be.

I’ll take four, actually, make that eight. Holy Shi*

So, what’s next? Stay tuned and you'll find out.

Of course I’ll review it on Amazon.com for you. Thank you.

And between all the "thank you" and the greetings, the few things I remember Dave and I saying:

Review it please on any stores.

If it’s a good review, sign it. If it’s bad, keep it anonymous to maintain our friendship!

Hashtag it with a photo on Facebook or Twitter (#alongcomesawolfe or #couniosandgane) for a prize draw.

Let’s have a beer.

We deserve one.

And Pizza?

Yes, pizza too.


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