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Angie's Friday Links

It's Friday already and time for my weekly treat.

You should read: Gloria Steinem’s ‘My Life on the Road’It's my plug for the week. I'm a feminist and she's an interesting person.

Norwegian adventurer spends 6 months alone in the N.W.T. wildernessI am so very curious about people who make exactly the oppostie choices I would.

New Research Says Being Near The Ocean Makes You Calmer And More Creative So, if I move to the beach I'll do even more creative stuff? Wow. Cool. I'm outta here...as soon as...I am able.

The science of genetic inheritance is weirder than we thought This storytelling gig? I get it from my genetics? Hm.

This is why I like working alone or in a small, small, small group: Nine Work Habits to Avoid

This Friday link day used to stress me and now I quite like it. Hope you do too.


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