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Angie's Friday Links

Friday comes really quickly which is great! Here are a few things I've looked at over the past week.

This makes so much sense when I think of people I know and what stations the music is on at their place. Such an a-ha moment.
Your Musical Tastes Reveal How You Think: A New Study

When Dave and I had the book signing he pulled out his laptop and a spread sheet and I took out my journal and some pretty rocks to keep me grounded. Not much surprise that I've posted a smudging ritual. A Sage Smudging Ritual To Cleanse Your Aura & Clear Your Space

Love this list although the only one I haven't managed well is #4. Maybe it will come. Doing These 12 Uncomfortable Things Will Pay Off Forever

The Priciest Part Of The $100 Golden Doughnut Isn't The GoldThis donut is gold. I have a whole backstory of using gold in art school that I'll get into someday but this thing is the kind of delicious I want to sink my teeth into and NOT floss. Okay, that's an exaggeration. But I do know that during my next trip to New York I am going to get me a gold donut.

And this is a very good reason why storytelling is important. Syrian Women Reenact Their Refugee Journeys

Have a great weekend everyone!

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