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Angie's Friday Links

It's Friday Link Day. A lot of my links have numbers. So, here are 5 links from me.

I've been itching to get into the studio and do some painting. Maybe just to balance off the writing. I'm looking forward to Christmas break so that can happen. The quotes below are great, not just for artists but for anyone who appreciates art or creative process.

15 Wise Quotes Every Artist Should Take To Heart

I'm getting to that time of year in which work seems to get a little more intense. Yoga helps.

Yoga For Headaches

I think you need to know what you want your dream to be so that you can live it.

14 People Who Are Living The Dream

I'm not a morning person, but it's on the goals list.

10 Things Insanely Healthy People Do Before 9 A.M

A friend and I just had a chat about this woman and her book about organization. I'm beating the January purge to the punch. If it brings you joy keep it. If it doesn't toss it. This may apply to all sorts of things.

Kissing Your Socks Goodbye

Happy Friday everyone!

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