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Another Nomination On The Books

Pun intended!

We just got back from Billings, Montana

A few months ago Counios and Gane received more good news. We were nominated in the Young Adult category for Along Comes a Wolfe right beside The Pain Eater by Beth Goobie as well as And Then The Sky Exploded by David A. Poulsen at the High Plains Book Awards.

There were more than 180 nominations and only 35 finalists so we felt pretty good about getting our letter of congratulations and being included in the literary world.

We didn't win in our category.

Although we didn't win we didn't take the nomination or the event for granted. To be recognized in the writing community we live in is excellent and when that recognition is extended across the boarder that'soutstanding.

We are always looking to grow our audience and every opportunity helps.

All three books in the YA catagory were pretty heavy in their subject matter. Dave joked that it was funny that the book about the serial killer (Along Comes a Wolfe) was the lightest one of the three.

We had a great weekend answering questions, shaking hands, meeting people and pushing a little further into the world of professional writers.

A big congratulations to Beth Goobie for her win in the YA category for her book The Pain Eater.

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