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bamboo tries to catch snowflakes

[Wes] Anderson's process of writing is about being in between places—not on permanent ground but the limbo that comes with being not quite home though settled in for a time.

-Ivan Vartanian, in the Introduction of Art Work: Seeing Inside the Created Process.

This idea resonated with me after my post about my computer from the other day.

Although I didn't mention it, I like to work out of coffee shops. A lot of my part of Book 2 was written in the South Regina Starbucks, but I also like doing my work at Brewed Awakening on Hill Avenue, Cafe Drip on Broad Street, or over a beer in The Owl at the University of Regina while my son is at water polo.

bye bye wolfe-y

With our move over to Heather, we've been revisiting the book a lot.

It's been a complete edit. The story is the same but the words have been tightened. She has also called us out some story issues that had been sneaking past us for a while.

But it has us also rethinking our cover.

Our beloved original wolf covered created by Jimmy is now gone—but in its place we hope to have a far more menacing cover.

The whole process has been challenging with four people working through ideas, plus people on the periphery offering their thoughts.

I think we're close though and I can't wait to share it with you—again—while also hopefully showing you the journey that got us to the cover we chose.

more snow

Ang, enjoy your trip. Hopefully it is warmer where you are going.

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