| David Gane

Be a Movie Monster

The scary thing about movie monsters is that they're unstoppable.

You shoot them, knock them down, electrocute them—do whatever it takes—and they keep on coming.

Sure, their goal is to kill you—and that really sucks—but the willpower it must take to pull themselves out of the mud, pull that knife out of their head, and keep chasing after the person that keeps knocking them down...I have to give them credit.

The people who have to fight these movie monsters also have to match these wills or else they’ll be dead too. It must suck, watching a friend get swallowed by a space alien or cut in two by a sadistic chainsaw wielding crazy man, but they must shake it off and keep persevering.

We like to gripe when things aren’t easy and don’t go our way. We give up, go home, and wait for the next opportunity to come to us. And when we make and watch movies about the things we fear, we give the characteristic we should most embrace—to the villain.

What we should really do is be invincible and keep moving forward, finding the path to our goals, whether it's helping others, changing the world—or chasing after those damn pesky teenagers whose promiscuity and drug usage really upset you.

*Don’t really murder people. It’s bad and I’m not advocating it. If you do try to blame me, you are an idiot and can’t understand a metaphor.

(Photo Credit: Simon Wijers)

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