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Be consistent


Shit damn! It's hard!!

My friend Tricia McNair is a blogger. Her advice to me is to be consistent. Write regularly and write often. Don't leave your readers hanging.

She writes. Every. Single. Day.


I'm not about stats. That's Dave's shtick. He's the charts and graphs guy. But, to get some perspective of where I stand on this blog I got out my calendar and started counting. Since January 1, eighteen weeks have passed. And between Dave and I we have posted eighteen times.

Not too shabby.

However, there are gaps. There was a week at the end of January where we didn't post anything. In February we went dark (spy talk for not reporting) for three whole weeks.
I wish I was busy doing cool spy shit but I wasn't.

All this reminded me of Cathy the year she was in Paris, France, 1988-89. This was the time before the internet. Hard to believe. We had to write letters, on paper! And stick them in envelopes and then go to the post office and talk to someone and pay for a stamp. Seven to ten days later a letter would arrive at 23 rue St. Amand or 20 rue Labrouste. Cathy was gone for 38 weeks and when she got home she told me that I had sent her a letter a week. How 'bout that.

I was inconsistent—

sort of.

Sometimes she'd go to the mailbox and have three letters or a cassette of ramblings. Sometimes she'd have nothing. Sound familiar current readers? However, in the long run I did generate a pretty satisfying stat of one envelope per week.

All that to say that I don't know if I can promise precise posting. I hate not keeping a promise especially when there are panels and book signings and award nights and actually writing the books but I think I can promise a post once a week (at least). I mean I don't have to do anything except push buttons. No hand writing. No envelope stuffing or leaving my house and talking to the person at the post office. No stamp purchasing. Nothing.

And now that it's out there I better step up.

See you before the seven days are up.

(The letters and cassettes in the photo are from our correspondence all those years ago. They are dusty! And a little smelly.)


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