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This is my first entry.

As a prompt Dave has sent me four questions to answer to gently nudge me into the land of the blog. Here I go.

What am I working on?

Most officially I am working on a novel with Dave. I'm not a numbers person per se—I leave that to Dave. So according to him, we have completed roughly one eighth of our current project thus far. Not too shabby. I enjoy the details and have fun filling in bits as I tap away, bridging parts of the story to other parts.

Secondly, I have been playing with a series of short stories based on some adventures I had a couple of years ago. The tone is mostly humorous. When I pull off a good laugh I'm pretty proud of myself.

Most unofficially, the exercise of writing at the end of every single day happens with a pen and paper in a notebook, or if I have a lot to say, it goes on a Word document on my computer. It can sometimes be a marsh of expression but like marshes it serves a purpose and works as a filter.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I dunno...I don't think I have a genre. Not just one. Isn't the point of the creative process to play and disover? I think so.

Dave and I began with script writing. In that area we have a broad palette of genres. For me it was a process of discovering genre, language, and voice. In that process, I found that story is story for the most part, how ever it was dressed up.

The difference may just be in us as writers, our process and my naive approach at this creative experience. I think that our creative process is one of symbiosis. We compliment each other in many ways. And like any successful endeavor or relationship, we tend to pick up for the other and check in where it's needed.

Why do I write what I do?

I have always been a storyteller. When I was too shy to talk (that was a long time ago), I wrote in a three ring binder. I became a visual artist. Story appeared in picture form for a long time but the writing always lingered on the side. The next step was teaching and there I realized that engagement was numero uno. I had to keep the teenage beast interested daily. I did it through word.

I guess my desire to tell stories is what keeps me pushing out words.

How does my writing process work?

My writing process in terms of the current project with Dave is all about structure and then filling it in. Dave is absolutely excellent at the technical side of a lot of what we do. He has taught me that solid characters and a strong base line really help.

Trust helps too. Just having faith in what we do and how we do it.

We put our egos aside. I mean it's really a cool experience when one of us is writing a sentence and the other is editing the beginning of that same sentence. Neither of us digs our heels in so deep that our work is not malleable to the other. Knowing we have our best intentions when we work together is liberating. No one is offended and we both work hard towards common goals we have created.

When we began this partnership, I could see Dave's strong analytical skills bumping gently along with my visual skills like two buoys in the sea. We would have entire walls of 8 1/2 by 11 paper with scenes written on them in marker. We'd move them all over the place. It was a physical, tangible, visual experience. That's how we, as a duo, began understanding our story-building process. It has evolved since then. It is much more streamlined. We are much kinder to the trees.

As for my own process, so much of it is organic. I filter through daily writings, formal and informal, dumping it out of me and leaving it where it needs to go for now. Some of my immediate work is stuffed into journals. Some is stored on my laptop. Mostly, I think about how to get tone, voice, relatability and authenicity across to the reader; how to teach a lesson; how to entertain.

My first post.

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