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To cue Ang into writing on this blog (and give myself a little kick in the ass), I am borrowing the blog hop that I pulled from my fellow writers Cassidy and Courtney.

Also, I have told Ang not to look at my answers until she is done her own, so that we can compare how it all looks.

What am I working on?

Oh boy... I am in the last stages of a zine that I am putting together with a group of other writers, which I will be releasing in the next month (hopefully). Ang and I are about an 1/8th of the way through the first draft of a thriller (of course, I am being all hush hush about that too).

Ang and I also have a script that we are putting together for a producer (shhh....no telling). I am also working to co-author two other books that will help build up the online store that I am planning on opening with the zine. Lastly, I plan on renovating my bathroom in the next week (the supplies are on their way now) and sometime today, I plan on heading up to my family cabin to get a new window installed.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I really don't know how to answer this one. I think it really comes out of my writing partnership with Ang and how we balance each other out. We are different but we seem to meet somewhere in the middle. We wrote quite a few scripts together and then took a rest while I went back to do my Masters in scriptwriting. Then, when I decided to write fiction and asked her to come along, I started my pitch to her with "I know we drive each other crazy sometimes..." It's all a weird balancing act.

The other thing I think we have going for us is that we are coming from scriptwriting and I have an overwhelming desire to cut long writing. It doesn't make us specifically unique, but it sure keeps our writing brief and moving along (although I always wonder that we take too long to set up our opening acts).

Also, I realize now that I never spoke about our genre. That's really because we are all over the place. Right now we are writing thrillers, but we have also written action movies, horrors, westerns, comedy, and I am pretty sure we could do a romance. As well, I do my own writing, where I get all serious and dramatic and people are sad and struggling with lift. I guess what Ang and I bring that is unique is our voices, a mix of of energy, fun, and dramatic seriousness. (Good Lord, that is a bad horrible answer).

Why do I write what I do?

I like telling stories and I like writing and refining a story. I have plenty of ideas rolling around in my head, but I have to pitch them at Ang to see which places we both find the energy in the idea. So it is always going through this balancing act of two unique personalities trying to meet in the middle.

Yet, we also both have personal projects on the side that we want to work on that reflect more of our own personal points-of-view. Personally, I am always interested in the deep struggle a person faces in life and I always like to put that into external actions and words (again, here comes my scriptwriting background).

How does my writing process work?

I love this question. I am all about figuring out the process and breaking down the steps. Right now, on the novel we are working on, we worked trying to find a character that we might want to hang out with for a couple of books. Then we came up with the problem they'd face, and then went about building an outline.

Outlines work great for the two of us to work together. It keeps us on the same page and at the end of each day, we know what needs to happen next. Figuring out the steps of the outline was only real challenge on this one, trying to balance it out with how many pages each beat would take.

The writing then begins and we work collaboratively. One of us writes the first paragraphs (usually Ang) and then the other reads and makes notes. We bounce back and forth, slowly fleshing out the idea, asking questions, making changes. I have a bad habit of editing the top of a paragraph while Ang works on the bottom, so I have to stop and let her do her thing.

Once a draft is done, we read it out loud together, asking more questions, changing things, correcting spelling and grammar. Once we've done that, we usually give it to someone to give us feedback, then go back into. We don't like to work it too much before we send it out, but this new process of writing a novel pushes the need for us to be more diligent.

I think that's it! This has been fun and I can't wait to see how Ang responds to these questions.

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