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Book Talk and Signing

Tuesday night, November 29th we were on our way to our first official book signing at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon.

And although I can't speak for Dave I was so excited! You could probably tell by my smile. Now that I look at the photo Dave looks pretty happy too.

Regina/Saskatoon isn't a long drive but it's not short either.

Best thing to do is grab a beverage on the way out of town. We picked Roca House, filled our travel mugs and hit the road.

There! Now we're ready.


For those who have taken this trip there are pretty much two main stops: Chamberlain or Davidson. This is Chamberlain. We didn't stop.

And this is Davidson. We stopped for fuel. Dave kindly filled up while I stayed warm in the car. Good man!

McNally Robinson's restaurant had us in their menu. We are officially an author event.

We ordered a snack before the book talk and Dave got to work.

And I sort of did too in my hippie dippy way.

The talk went well (details to follow in another blog post) Chris can be credited for the night going so smoothly and his kind introduction and closing words.

At the end of it all I was happy with how this book talk/ book signing went. I had no point of reference for it but it was a great experience that I'd like more of.

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