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Book Talk Details

Dear Dave:

It's five short days since the book talk. First I want to say thank you for driving us safely on the first really wintery day of the year.

Opening Day Jitters

I have to admit that as much as I was excited I was also nervous. I talked about Mrs. Hynd in This One Goes Out to Mrs. Hynd. I remembered her again at this book signing. She gave great advice a bazillion years ago when my pimples and teen body were starting to sprout in the most awkward ways.

She said "If you're not nervous you're not good. If you're nervous you care and if you care about what you're doing you will be good."

I remember sitting in my desk listening. I was a stressed out shy kid. I never spoke publicly but this information I kept stored away in my brain because in the far future I would need it and there I was 35 years from that moment and 35 minutes before my first book talk.

Just to let you know Dave, it wasn't a bad nervous I was feeling. I was excited. I was happy to have a chance to show people our project. I think it's because I'm proud of it.


I dealt with my happy nerves with some Clarycalm, Rescue Remedy and peppermint tea. Can you blame me? I smile at my hippie dippy solutions. I hope you do too.

As I drank my water and tea I wondered what if no one shows up? I mean, like besides you and I and Chris, the McNally Robinson guy? What if no one else came? What if that happened?


I let that fear creep in and then I giggled at what my brain created as a solution. My worst case scenario was that we might play some kind of book tag or find some other way to entertain ourselves or we'd buckle down and work on Book 3. We'd also get to test our road trip muscle with each other.

The Audience

When the time came and the PEOPLE sat down the book talk went as naturally as I could have hoped. I think the size of the group was perfect for a first time and I was super grateful that I knew a lot of them. It was like a test market who actually cared about us.

Our audience of 17 to 60 years old was connected to us in some way.

Chris had a great intro for us and a super thank you! He did say dynamic duo and we were the first co-authors he's ever hosted. Yay us.

Story Telling

The hour passed so quick because we did our thing telling stories and joking with each other and the audience. It was fun and light.

I like the selections we read from the book and I enjoyed the questions the audience asked about partnership, publishing, working and story.

When we were done our people lingered for signatures in the book as well as some nice conversations. I think the only thing I would change was that it would have been helpful to record the experience to recall better some of the questions and our answers.

When I was at Bushwakkers for the Writers Corner presentation Partnerships an author who had read a part of her work leaned over to me and said "It's a journey going from writer to reader of your own work."

To be truthful I'm not sure what she meant.

Maybe this storytelling thing is multifaceted for us. Maybe it comes in the form of books we write, and people we talk to and blogs we post andphotos we take.

Maybe having a partner to lean into is a good thing for all these new moments.

I hope I did an okay job entertaining you on the way home late at night.

See you tomorrow at our meeting.

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