| David Gane

Books aren't dying

Late Monday night, Ang posted on our Facebook page that as a special treat for the upcoming release of our book, we would sell thirty signed copies at a special discounted price to local Regina residents[1].

Before she woke up the next morning, twenty-five had been claimed.

That showed us:

  1. Many of you are night owls.
  2. The printed book is here to stay.

Around the time we were releasing our book on Kindle, I was coming across a lot of information that suggested print books were sticking around a while longer.

Our own experience reflects this. Since we sold out so quickly, we decided to offer a second round of books, and by the end of the day, we had nearly sold more than triple of our ebook version.

All in all, we are happy for the excitement for the book, and look forward to getting it into everyone's hands. For those of you unable to get a signed copy, the book will be officially on sale on Friday.

  1. We have nothing against people not from Regina. We just don't want to get bogged down in mailing out books everyday and spend our time working on the next book. ↩︎

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