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Celebrate the small steps to the big goals

About a week before I announced that Along Comes a Wolfe would be available for purchase, I had a realization:

"We're about to sell the book. Holy s##t!*"

Then, this thought popped into my head:

"Why am I not more excited?"


Our story begins almost two years ago, when Cassidy told me how her brother didn't understand why writers didn't self-publish more.

I went home, thought about it, and decided "hell, yeah!" I decided to gather a bunch of writers and self-publish a zine.

Immediately, I worried that I was making a huge mistake, but proceeded anyway.

Next step, Ang

Once I knew how to self-publish, I realized that my writing partner and I could do it too. Instead of our work languishing with gatekeepers, we could get our writing in the hands of readers.

And again, I immediately worried that I was making a huge mistake but proceeded anyway.

Writing Along Comes a Wolfe

Ang and I met and talked about what story we'd do.

Originally it was to be one of our old scripts turned into a movie, but after a few weeks of work we shelved the idea because it was too depressing.

So, we started fresh. We mapped out our vision of the story, the characters, and our expectations. We outlined and planned out the path the novel would take.

When we had no more excuses, we started to write. It was slow at first, trying to find the tone and voice of the characters, but eventually it fell into place.

We sent out Part 1 to early readers to get feedback. Once we knew we didn't have our head up our butts and actually had a story people wanted to read, we continued on.

Writing was interrupted though when I taught for a semester. I only had enough head space for a few stories at a time, and I knew I couldn't read student scripts and work on my own at the same time. I put Along Comes a Wolfe on pause.

Once school was done though, I came back with a vengeance and we finished before summer.

Ang went to Greece and I enjoyed warm summer days and the rewrite stalled.

Finally we got back together and worked until we could send it to our editor. This lead to more questions and more rewrites, until I realized suddenly we we're done.

So after all that work...

...why wasn't I excited? I should be crazy enthusiastic to be finally finished, completing a path I had been dreaming of long before I even considered the zine. But I wasn't.

I knew I wanted to share it. I knew I wanted people to read it. And of course, I hoped that it might start paying its way around here.

But I also know this wasn't the end.

More work has to be done. More books need to be written to build up our back catalogue. All of this takes time, effort, and patience. And we weren't there yet.

The nice thing about writing partners

Fortunately, Ang puts things in perspective.

When I told her that our book live, she got excited. She sent me flowers the next day. She asks everyday about how the book is doing.

In the moments I think about the future, she celebrates the present. I know she understand that there's work ahead, but for now, she reminds me to enjoy this moment for now.

It's good to keep moving forward towards the big goal, but we always need to embrace the small steps that lead us there.

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