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Cheat Days

Dave completely prompted this blog without knowing it.

Double whammy

The first sentence of this blog post just made me think of another blog post about influence so I guess the idea juices are flowing.

Keeping up - with myself

I haven't posted as much as Dave and I did talk about how trying to keep up stressed me out in the post "Workout buddies." However, I do feel good about how much I did actually accomplish on our website in Dave's 30 day blogging challenge - A.K.A. Angie's month of one step behind.

Time for a rest?

Today I considered taking a day off. Like, making the conscious choice that I wasn't going to write anything on here. In fact I was walking out of the school and thought "I don't even have anything to write about."

How about treats?

I thought about food and how a person with a weight goal sticks to their menu and exercise plan but once in awhile they have a cheat day where they may not work out or they have a piece of cake.

They deserve a treat. Don't they?

Is a treat really a good thing?

A few years back I attended a retreat (I just realized the word treat is in there - weird) where I met a very strong woman who survived a horrible fire and had scars on a large portion of her body but also lost about 200 pounds. She did it through hard mental and physical work.

I asked a lot of questions about her weight loss. I was really curious about the fortitude to lose so much weight and keep it off.

"Do you have any treats, ever?" I asked innocently. Her reply rang a loud bell for me.

Treat? I'm not a dog. I don't want to reward myself with sugary food because it appeals to a craving. I want to make choices that respect my body.

No treats for you!

And that's okay.

So this cheat day of blogging isn't happening. I'm writing. I'm also not having cake because, well it's full of sugar and not really good for me.

But strangely enough I feel like I have given myself something good instead.

Whatever you're sitting down with, a slice of pie, a piece of chocolate, a pumpkin spice latte enjoy it just because you enjoy it, not because you deserve a treat and then go do the thing that really makes you feel awesome for the long haul.

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