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While weightlifting last night, I hit a milestone. It felt good, but my mind decided to tell me how small it was compared to others training at a more advanced level.

I knew immediately that I shouldn’t look at things this way because it’s inaccurate, yet I know that many of us do this all the time.

Us and Them

Writers often compare themselves to others more experienced, who have several books under their belt. Or they’ll look at the quality of a first or second draft in relation to a published novel.

This flaw isn’t limited to writers or other artists. A beginning artisan may consider their work inadequate when compared to a master craftsperson. Or a business person may wish they could be as skilled gifted as the head of the company that’s been at it for decades.

All that separates us is the time and energy expended

Of course, the fallacy is that we are looking at results and not toil. We don’t consider the hard work, the long hours, the failures and successes in between. We don’t know what it took for them to get there, how much they may have sacrificed.

We need to quit comparing ourselves in this way. We need to embrace the moment we are in now. If we are active and busy and moving forward on our goals, we need to let everything else slip away. We mustn't be jealous or dismissive of ourselves or others, but celebrate those who have gone before us and succeeded and encourage those that are just starting out behind us.

Always show up, do what you believe in, and continue to become a little bit more of yourself than you were the day before.

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