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The workhorse mentality

I’ve given myself all sorts of pep talks to keep writing. I’ve been gentle with myself as I managed teaching full time, writing, keeping a bit of a life, working out consistently, managing some personal legal shenanigans, and the daily dirt of errands, housekeeping, and life.

I sing my own praises when I come home and put on my author hat even when I’m tired. I think, "Good for me for doing this because I love it and desire it." And I do that a lot, wearing the hat and singing the praises. I mean let’s face it, someone’s got to write and someone’s got to encourage me. Let’s say I’m committed to this role and happy to do both.

Somedays, the pony needs a day off

But you know what...? The other night I came home with the full intention of writing a blog post, looking over the next book outline and you know what...?

I didn’t.

I didn’t have a word in me. Not. One. Word.

I didn’t get out the laptop.
I didn’t look at my notes.
I didn’t even pen in my journal.

I didn't have an excuse as to why I didn't write. Nothing changed in my life. I didn’t have something extra going on at school or socially. No tragedies. No bad news. Not even good distracting news.

Everything was normal. But for some reason I subconsciously said no. This does not happen very often. But for some reason that night it did.

What came of my No Word night?

Instead of writing or berating myself, I got out a stack of images from my sketchbook, tape, scissors, markers and cut and glued and doodled my little brains out.

And you know what the result was?

After a couple of hours I realized that I felt awesome. I didn’t feel guilty. There was a realization when I was done that I have some other creative muscles I have forgotten about that I need to stretch sometimes and without knowing it my instinct kicked in and I did just that.

I worked on some multimedia pieces with words in them but it was all visual. To maintain balance I have come to realize that the writer in me must stay friends with the visual artist.

Creative people seek inspiration from music, dance, performance, art, photography. It's not some hyper focus on one particular art form. I think that's why we often ask what inspires us.

So, I believe it's time to carve out a little place for my visual artist self to keep writer me happy and working.

To keep work flowing there needs to be a certain amount of understanding about what inspires us.

I'm curious. What inspires you? Tell me in the comment section if you'd like.

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