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Dear Dave:

The holidays have been super. I really enjoyed every single minute of every single day I had off.

I think I enjoyed them a little too much because as you may have noticed I got L A Z Y. I wasn't posting as much as I felt I should.

You, of course, being a good partner didn't say a word...until...I went skating on Boxing Day.

Our city has this really lovely skating rink in Victoria Park with a shack to warm up in, free skates to borrow and the nicest staff. A very dear person suggested a skate date and I didn't even hesitate.

Should I have stayed home and written? Maybe. But you know what? As important as writing is to me I think getting out in the world and finding material to write about and experiencing life is as important as the actual act of writing.

Sounds like I'm justifying.


Kevin and I got our skates on, stepped outside and began our laps. It was evening and a very comfortable temperature. The city lights were twinkling. The whole experience was magical...

And then I noticed D A V I D in the snow.

You may as well confess that you came out and wrote your name in the snow at the rink as a hilariously passive aggressive act to prompt me to get my fingers dancing on my keyboard again. It was you! Wasn't it?

I don't mind if it was. Sometimes we all need a prompt or two.

Hope your Christmas time was magical too.
Love, Ang

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