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December Results

On November 15th, we made a decision to start giving back.

I think that sometimes people think they need to have a lot to give but the truth is every little bit helps.

We Aren't Rich...Yet

Counios and Gane are in the humble beginnings of authorship and success. We both still need to work other jobs (teaching) to pay our bills. We do believe (and are working really, really hard) for that kind of financial independence to come across our writing path. We do acknowledge that we’ve had a great year and want to share the love.

We decided to give one dollar from every book sold on our online store to a local organization from November 15th-December 15th. We also know that we shouldn’t sit on our good fortune waiting for our money train to roll in to be charitable.
The time is now.


Because our books are geared to youth, about teenagers and take place locally, we looked in that same direction for organizations that would fit a similar description.

I was in the staffroom at school and asked the drug and guidance counsellors and they both said the Street Culture Project was great. They loved the work that they did with youth and how they did it. I posed the idea to Dave and he was in.

Street Culture Project

I met with Kim Sutherland of the Street Culture Project Inc. on my own before Christmas and adored him from the get-go. The man’s heart is definitely in the right place. His office was a coming and going of youth, youth workers, employees, office staff, and dogs. I left copies of Along Comes a Wolfe and Shepherd’s Watch with him. He said he had the perfect person for those two books. I shook his hand and said I’d be in touch and then just like at home, everyone came to the front door: teens, workers, dogs and Kim. I felt the right choice was made.

Our First Donation

After the holidays, David and I went back to deliver the cheque for our November-December fundraiser.

After book sales by you wonderful people and a donation from Counios and Gane, we were able to give $186.00 to Kim that he said will go directly to youth nights for the kids of the Street Culture Project.

Our Second Visit

The second visit with Kim was exactly like the first. There was a steady stream of youth, workers and employees coming and going and a couple of beautiful dogs they had rescued wandering around inside. Kim was equally wonderful and enthusiastic.

One Difference: a fan is born

Kim brought in the young man who read our books and what a great experience to talk one-on-one with him and get into his head about the creepiest parts, the most shocking parts and the parts that he loved in both books. He was enthusiastic in the most authentic way, reporting in an emotionally honest way.

He critiqued our covers and told us that he is coming to the book signing of Book Three.

Worth It

Having an opportunity to chat with a 14 year old boy about the book was such a plus in our whole experience. Dave and I decided that we are keeping the Street Culture Project for a while longer.

When David and I left, it was just like my first meeting I had. Teens, adults, and animals visited with us at the door as we put on our boots. Just like leaving our own homes.

But this time, I gave Kim a hug.

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