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Ego or Edit

This blogging thing is still new.

When I finished my post on the "cougar," David read through it and made suggestions. There were parts even after my second edit, he found confusing. So, keeping my voice and tone intact, he did the job of editor and I appreciated it.

For the first starter years as a teacher, I would refer to myself as a rookie, until one day I didn't feel like a rookie anymore. Just like that—finished, that title was done.

Blogging is still in the rookie phase for me. I'm sure it will take time for the comfort of this process to float to the surface. And when it does, I will still always ask to have my work proofread for anything it may need.

Why wouldn't I ask for a proofreader? There's someone right there to offer suggestions and make edits. A second pair of eyes with thoughtful feed back. The ego is not too big to accept help from people skilled in their areas offering advice when it's needed.

And when I no longer feel like a rookie and this is all more like a comfortable pair of jeans I will still ask those around me to contribute and make sure things are polished and presentable. The ego is left at the door.

...it takes a village...or at least a keen eye to detail...or at least a thoughtful editor.

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