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Exploring Tofino

Dave said "do it and then write about it." That's what Dave said!

Tofino B.C.

*this may end up a wee bit of a travel blog, but that’s okay!

I'm keeping this blog post about my weekend in Tofino basic. The impressions will come later in a more reflective form.

Stuff I did:

While everyone I know was stuffing themselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and all the rest of the fixings of a great Thanksgiving meal I was on the west coast in British Columbia exploring a small bit of Vancouver Island.

The visit was too wonderful to squish into one tiny blog post which would end up being epically long so here are some photos and a brief overview. If I did right by the place you may want to go there too.

I’ve heard a lot about Tofino’s vibe and everything I heard feels accurate now that I’ve experienced it. Here’s how my weekend looked.

The first morning breakfast was at a place called Oh So Yummy in Qualicum, run by a guy named Dave. The name of the place says it all.

It rained hard but that was just fine. It gave me a more authentic B.C. experience. After brunch I hopped in the car and headed to the other side of the island to Tofino.

On the way I stopped at the Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park where I saw some really big, really beautiful trees.

They made me feel tiny.

I stopped at a lake for a photo op and noticed this eerie car at the bottom. Very creepy and unsettling.

Do you see it?

"Hey, a vineyard!" And before I had a chance to ask if Tracy wanted to stop there she had already squealed into the parking lot. Emerald Coast Vineyard doesn't seem to have a website but has delicious wine.

All the hopeful wishes locked on a chain link fence near the river.

Rainforest Trail

really looked like a rainforest, wet, lush and gorgeous.

Our lodgings in Tofino: Marina West Motel. The motel was humble but the view was something else.

That night Wolf in the Fog served supper on dishes from a grandma's yard sale and somehow they pulled it off. Wolf in the Fog was voted best restaurant in all of Canada in 2014.

Sunday was for exploring Long Beach

Lots of surfers everywhere.

I stayed to watch the sunset into the Pacific.

Last night’s dinner was at the Shelter. They offered us fleece blankets to keep us cozy. Love.

My last morning I stopped at Chocolate Tofino for homemade chocolate...

...and accidently came across Tacofino which was recommended by several local people.

The girl in the photo was way peppier than she looked.

A few days later I'm thinking about this destination, satisfied with my short but lovely experience.

Part of me wishes I had done the blogging while I was there and part of me gets the 'in the moment-ness' of experiencing.

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