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From My Heart to Your Heart

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
~The Dalai Lama

Even in small places

Oh So Yummy in Qualicum, is a run by a guy named Dave. He is kind. There are about ten tables in the front and a small room in the back of this tiny and cute place. It's small but the heart of the owner is HUGE.


Dave has an accent, British maybe, and a gravelly voice. He sounds like a bit of a pirate. In spite of his rasp the things he says to his clients are like honey. While I was there every time he opened his mouth and spoke I smiled and I kept track.

  • From my heart to your heart.
  • How's monkey business ladies?
  • I trust everyone’s enjoying everything.
  • Good morning gentle people.
  • Let her go mama. Let her go.
  • Are you two behaving?
  • That’s an awesome shirt.
  • I think the party’s growing.
  • Can you feel my heart?

There was more but this list is what I quickly noted.

Coffee was poured in ceramic mugs, each their own work of art. I asked for sugar. Regular? Golden? Brown? Honey? Coconut sugar? Really! Wow. He’s organic and healthy and there’s original art on the walls.

We want the same thing

Dave, the proprietor of Oh So Yummy, really cares about his customers. You can't fake that constant outpour of love. He was joking, light and kind. He wanted his clients to be happy. I felt it. And you know what (and I'm going to speak for my writing partner here)?

That's what we want too!

We want our readers to be happy. We want them to read our books and say "damn that was good". We want them to enjoy the stories enough to recommend them to others, to buy them for Christmas and birthday gifts, and to feel our gratitude when we pass the work on to them.

We are so grateful for anyone who has taken the time to pick up a book, read it, shared it and followed us on our small but mighty Counios & Gane journey.

Can you feel my heart?

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