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Goodbye, book

I took a rainy day walk yesterday after a few days off due to travelling.

A couple of days ago, I wrote how I was struggling with a book that I was not really enjoying.

Today, I've decided to say goodbye to it.

However, it wasn't long ago, I hated this idea.

I will not finish books I don't like

Austin Kleon once wrote how he said that he wouldn't finish the books that he didn't like

I absolutely hated this idea. The writer took the time to craft these thoughts—the least I could do was take the time to read what they had written.

However, as of today, I take it all back.

This wasn't the first book I gave up on.

A couple of years ago, there was a big ass book that I was hating and was only a fifth of the way through its 1000+ page count. I wasn't engaged, I was bored, and when I looked it up online, I found out it wasn't going to change.

Reading it eventually broke me. I mean really broke me.

I quit reading altogether for several months. I wanted to finish it before moving on and I kept trying to convince myself to go back to it, to maybe finish it in 200 page chunks but I couldn't do it. It didn't interest me.

Eventually, I picked up something new and moved on and then about a month ago, I was gathering books I had read for a free library dump...and I saw it...and I made the choice.

The beast of a book went in.

And then so did several others I knew I had no interest in.

Reading should be a pleasure

This new book is boring the hell out of me and I disagree with many of the

Reading should be a pleasure—even if it is a guilty/not guilty one. I should look forward to sitting down, cracking a book open, and digging into the words.

So, I've decided it's time to say goodbye once again.

Book, I gave you a try but you weren't the one for me.

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