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Happy birthday to us!

It's okay to celebrate as much as you want and to acknowledge it.


Dave already did a post about our two year milestone in  A Year of Growth but I also wanted to say a little something.

First, I'm proud of our consistent work ON TOP of all our other work. A lot of people would have given up. Good for us for keeping on. Secondly, I can't believe two years have passed so quickly.

I think whenever endeavors are fun the days pass quickly. It doesn't feel like a jail sentence and before you know it there are a lot of candles and a huge cake and a celebration with list of fun anecdotal stories.

We're headed there. I can feel it.

But for now we have:

  • 2 cupcakes
  • 2 gifts (journals made from old books)
  • 2 books written
  • 2 happy authors

Well done Dave. You're a good partner.

I smooshed our cupcakes together as a cheers since we didn't have alcohol. And, maybe, just maybe I tried getting some of Dave's cupcake topping (with no success). Come on! It was bacon. I was curious.

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