| Angie Counios

Happy Mother's Day

I better hurry up and get this post out.

It's going to be a short one but it's definitely cute.

My friends and I went to 641 Motel and Grill for a birthday gathering on Saturday night. It was delicious (have the burger)! At the end of the meal along with dessert my friend, Frosso, brought out some white roses and started passing them around to the ladies at the table.

"Happy Mother's Day" she said to all the ladies as she handed them a flower. Then she gave one to a friend who has a lovely dog and said "And to you for having a fur baby just like me."

And finally she handed me a flower and said "And thank you for giving birth to Shepherd and Wolfe. I was just tickled! I never really thought of it like that until the moment she said it.

Then I giggled. I even needed a man to help! Thanks Dave!

And Happy Mother's Day to everyone, no matter who or what you nurture.

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