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Happy New Year

The picture in this blog post is of a Vasilopita, a bread type cake with a coin in it. It's a Greek New Year's Eve tradition I grew up with and have carried on in my home.

The cake is cut into equal pieces: one for God, for the home, for work and then for everyone at the table.

As a kid I have this memory of clawing my way through a my piece of Vasilopita like a starved mouse just to get to the coin. The plate was often left a pile of crumbs and if I ended up with the coin (often just a quarter) under the pile of cake crumbs it was like an Olympic gold!

Good fortune would rain down upon me for the next 365 days!

As a kid, I saw what happened in life as luck.

As an adult, I see it all as blessings.

I think about the fact that I have money to buy the ingredients to make the cake. I have a warm house and an oven that works to cook it. I have people to share it with. Blessed.

This year has been excellent.

I traveled, swam with whales, saw polar bears, had a picnic at the National Mall in Washington D.C., finally saw the Ink Pots in Banff. I have a great writing partner. I had the blessing of seeing Along Comes a Wolfe in Chapters Indigo on the New and Hot Fiction section. Blessed.

I completed 48 tasks of giving and getting and gratitude.

I live in a country and city where I don't feel afraid or unsafe. Blessed

I am healthy. I am happy. And I live with generous, daily serving of gratitude.

So what some people call luck I think I call blessing. But then again toma-tow, to-mah-tow!

Happy New Year! May 2017 be full of blessings.

(2016 was a very good year and I can't recall where the coin ended up last year.)

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