| Angie Counios

He Said, She Said

I thought it would be fun to make a list of comments made during our last brainstorming session for the second Shepherd and Wolfe book.

Again, we take our work seriously yet there is always a very clear element of fun (except when Dave has to mentally grapple HTML code—sorry, partner) and hopefully some of the fun is evident here.

As added fun, if you can correctly guess who said what in the comments, we will reward you with a signed print copy of Along Comes a Wolfe when it comes out.

  1. Bamboo, go lay down.

  2. Is this what we do? I walk around with a stick and you sit with a lap top.

  3. How about this…

  4. Mmmmmm…

  5. That guy does have a swagger.

  6. I’m not buying it…

  7. (Inhales deeply)

  8. I’m hungry.

  9. Did you get that?

  10. Don't judge me for having binoculars (looks out window with binoculars).

  11. I miss your bridges.

  12. Okay. Okay, okay…

  13. I'm not sold on it...

  14. I hope you wrote that down.

Comment below and let us know who you think said what.

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