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Hello October. Wanna date?

End of summer rituals, like beer, burgers, Bongo Bob's and bands.


It’s October 1st and the leaves have turned.

They’re falling and I’m slowly accepting the idea that summer is leaving me for a while. She’ll be back. She always comes back but in the meantime I have to find gratitude in these autumn days and nights.

I live in a pretty art filled community, the Cathedral Village. It is definitely an extension of who I am and how I like to live.

My People:

This evening was gorgeous. Kevin and I walked to the Cathedral Social Hall to sit on the deck for what may be the last time to enjoy a burger and a beverage. A good summer meal send off.

Then the friends show up:

Danielle plays the ukulele for The Lincoln Loggers, a band full of fun and lumberjack plaid. Dimitra messaged me. I’ve known her for a long time but can’t pinpoint the moment I met her. She was going to the Lincoln Loggers gig. Uli was joining us. He’s from Mexico. I met him through Dimitra. Ross showed up in his lumberjack, bearded hipster goodness!

The Location:

Bongo Bob's is a wraperia: fancy for ‘we just sell wraps’. It’s not an indoor restaurant. It’s a yard with a pick up booth for the most delicious wraps. There is a sign that says we sell coffee to goddesses. Who doesn't love that! And on one of the fences "I pledge allegiance to the funk" is painted in bright colors. The yard has hammocks to chill. But if you’re too tense there are tables and chairs—and instruments. You can just show up and play a guitar while your buddy eats a wrap IN A HAMMOCK! Is this heaven or what?

Negotiating with fall:

The temperature was dropping and thankfully Bongo Bob had thought of everything (and so had I, packing a pair of pants in my bag). There was a fire in the corner burning red and warm and no one was sitting there. No one. At all. Kevin and I bee-lined for the benches beside the fire and plunked ourselves down with Dimitra and Uli.

The rest of the night was a hippie, casual, fun hang out with live music outside. People came and went with really cool old cruiser style bicycles. Kids hung out with their parents. People swung in the hammocks and the musicians played as others walked by on the sidewalk. When the band was done it felt like we should make our way to our campsite. It felt like I was really somewhere else, not in the center of a city.

It really was a lovely night. A great send off to summer and a hello to fall.

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