| Angie Counios

How do you like them apples?

I’ve started a new workout regime that’s more intense than what I have been doing.

And I'm super frustrated. No matter how hard I work, I'm not feeling the gains.

But I was reminded by my dear friend who is helping me that I can't expect immediate results.

He asked if I can put a whole apple in my mouth.

Of course, I can't—most people can't, and those that can scare me.

I have to eat my apples one bite at a time.

Macintosh, Galas, and Pink Ladies

When Along Comes a Wolfe was published, there were a lot of big "oooh" and "ahhh" moments from our friends, readers, and even us.

This book, however didn’t appear from thin air. We worked a lot every day. If we weren’t actually hitting keys on the laptop then we were thinking, planning, decision making.

However, the thing that got the "wow" was the book itself and not the daily tap-tap-tap on the computer. No one saw the daily process and probably not a lot of people may have cared about it.

What people care about is the product.


So every day I do something to make myself stronger, I make myself very aware that this is a journey of process as much as it is of product.

If the process is thorough then the product will be received with a great big juicy oooh-ahhh.

If the thing I want—whether it's a stronger body or another book I'm proud of—is the product, then every bite should be always juicy and delicious.

For real.

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