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How I Spent My Summer

Not Just Yet Autumn

The leaves have changed color and are falling. The forecast is also falling—below 0 Celsius, which is slowly breaking my sunshine heart.

It seems the transition into fall is a little tougher for me than it was last year or maybe that's just how I remember it.

With all this cool autumn in the air I've been thinking about my summer.

A Childhood Memory

One of my memories of the fall was elementary school. The teacher would give us the very uninteresting assignment of writing a paragraph or two about how we spent our summer.

Now that I think of it, it wasn't the assignment that was uninteresting it was my summer.

Let's face it, my parents were in charge of the fun and they worked a lot so there wasn't a lot of adventure seeking.

Adult Doings

Now that I'm a grown up I'm in charge of the fun, I make sure I have lots of it. Life is short. It should be enjoyed. A long checklist of good times was ticked off as the long hot summer days drifted from one to the next.

Cop Out

Yes, I'm a writer. Yes, I'm a storyteller. But this time I'm going to stand squarely behind the statement that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and show you folks, in pictures, what my summer looked like as concisely as possible.

Happy birthday Canada.

Dave and I read Along Comes a Wolfe at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan.

I went to Lake Diefenbaker for some boating and exploring.

Gorgeous fields around here.

I got to check this cool landmark off my bucket list: The Diefenbaker Sandcastle.

Then I went to Greece.

Dave and I did some reading at Victoria Park in Regina.

I went houseboating with a group of great ladies.

Then there was a detour to Love, Saskatchewan and Waskesiu.

And finally I explored the Alberta side of Cypress Hills.

And my own back yard.

Good bye summer...

...and hello autumn. I guess it's time.

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