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I cancelled but still learned something

I asked to cancel our Sunday evening meeting.

Dave took it like a champ

My nephew had water polo and the time changed which shifted our meeting time and I REALLY REALLY wanted to watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Dave and I rescheduled so that I could watch it. Awesome.


I grabbed a blanket and cuddled in to watch the show. When BLANK happened I was shocked! And then when BLANK happened I nearly started crying. Not to mention how gross BLANK was. I mean wow! I felt anxiety, stress. It was terrible.

After The Walking Dead, I stayed tune to watch The Talking Dead where they reflected on everything that happened.

BLANK said the following during the post show interview:

It's amazing what the writers are willing to take away so that the story can go as far as it possibly can.

Brilliant BLANK! This statement spoke to me. I have experienced this when Dave and I have to make a decision about who is going to die next or who is going to get hurt. Sometimes I'm really sad about it, or I don't want to do anything violent to a character I care about but I know that it's to get the story to go as far as it can.

Thanks Dave for the night off.
Thanks BLANK from the cast of The Walking Dead. Your statement was poignant.

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