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I Never Post on Sundays

The Past Few Weeks

As I mentioned previously, my sewer stopped working for about a week, which meant we weren’t able to do wash laundry, dishes, produce, ourselves, or use the toilet. It became a major disruption for the house.

During this time, we also found out we needed to replace our washing machine (right after the sewer got fixed). I was also dealing with my daughter’s stress over last minute homework, and dealing a personal matter for one family member, while I was supporting another one.

It has been a chaotic week, as well as very expensive. I had my front lawn dug up, my basement jack-hammered, I was stressed out and frustrated, and couldn’t exercise or eat healthy because of the chaos.

By the time Tuesday night came around, I realized I never posted a blog but I was tired and couldn’t think about what to write. So I didn’t write anything, thinking it would get done the next day.

It never happened though and it eventually fell through the cracks.


The whole thing made me think of Casey Neistat’s daily blog #232, where he talked about how hard the act of making something was. He says that the technical difficulties he had with his audio over the previous days made him sometimes not want to make it. Yet, he believes that:

"...overcoming these obstructions is the biggest challenge between any one person’s idea and any manifestation that is actually realizing that idea."

Showing Up, Part 2

My goal for this blog has been to put up a new post everyday throughout the work week. Often i have no clue what I’m writing about that day until I have actually written the thing. Other days, I have absolutely no interest in coming up with an idea for the day and it’s like pulling teeth.

So when Tuesday came around and I was tired and lazy and had no ideas, I just figured I’d do it the next day. But it took me a while to get back on schedule, get back into my old habits, and so I let it slide again and again.

And it started to really bug me.

It's not you, it's me

When I first started doing more posts, I did it not only for the audience, but also for myself.

I wanted to force myself to write regularly, to have to think and express an idea. Most of the time, it never works, or it sucks so bad, it takes way more effort than I want to get it out.

None of these posts are easy (except the really short ones).

Sometimes I send it to Ang to get her thoughts, then I said it to my wife. Often, I’ll walk the dog after a first draft, so that I can get a fresh perspective. Then, I rewrite the whole damn thing.

However, I need to do it because it’s all about showing up. And the same rule applies: sometimes all we need is for someone to step up, take charge, and do their job.

This time, that someone was me.

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