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I'm teaching an online course!!!

While we've been finishing up the re-release of Along Comes A Wolfe, I've been also busy working on an online version of my Film 310 course (which is scriptwriting BTW).

I love the idea of teaching online but it has definitely come with some challenges:

no restrictions

An online course is great for people who are unable to make it regularly to the university because of either their location or their busy lives.

However, it has completely thrown me off.

I used to have a specific plan that I would follow each week for my three hour class. Each part—discussions, workshops, even quick reviews at the beginning and end of class–were arranged for lengths of time.

But now these times don't matter. Discussions can be held online over the entire week and the students can engage at anytime they want.

It may not seem like much but when you ran things a certain way, and you only had a certain amount of time to do them in, it becomes an immense adjustment.

talking on camera

Last year, I started recording all my classes so that students could go back and watch lectures. The camera was there but I didn't worry about it too much.

However, with this online course, it has become my biggest struggle. Yesterday, I spent several hours doing several takes of one lecture, without ever getting it right. I was too awkward, too self-conscious, too aware of every mistake, ever "umm", every thing I was doing.

This will be on the internet—forever!!!

I'll try to record them again today, to find my rhythm, my tone, my process—but until then, I expect to do it many, many times.

On a side note, I find this process interesting. One thing Ang and I have always considered is doing a weekly vlog to post on Counios and Gane and while I hope this experience may help move us forward on it, it also makes me a little more hesitant.


Those are the negatives aspects, but there is still one big positive—the ability to reach more people.

I like to teach writing. A long time ago I quit writing, blocked out of fear. I didn't write for 15 years and it sucked.

When I finally sorted myself out, I decided to help other writers so it never happened to them. My plan has always been to give them the tools to write, whether it's strategies to get through the pages or the habits to keep going.

I think this chance to help more students is pretty exciting and takes precedence over all my other worries.

Okay, that's it, Ang. Sorry, I'm posting this late.

Stay safe.

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