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Interview with a reader: Part 2

Hello blog readers.

There will be no spoilers in this post! :)

It's my last day here in Greece.[1] Maria finished Along Comes a Wolfe. And now I can ask her what she thought from beginning to end, because you know what, I want to know. I want to know if my reader is pleased, if they have questions, if they enjoyed it.

Here we go:

Me: Who was your favourite Character?

Maria: My favourite character was Tony. He is smart and grounded and kind of an anti-hero who just happens to get involved in a bad situation for which he needs to find the solution. So he thinks about what is right and what is wrong in every step that he and his friend, Charlie, take.

Me: What moment did you think 'oh no'?

Maria: There is a scene at a construction site where the boys find their lost camera. All the chapters describing their adventure there, from the beginning to the end are full of mystery and fear of what is going to happen to them.

Me: Was there something that made you laugh?

Maria: There were many points in Tony and Charlie's conversations which were hilarious and made me smile. The dialogue is smart and there have been three or four times I laughed out loud. I laughed a lot with the "doughnuts" which are a topic in several places in the book.

Me: Overall impressions?

Maria: It is a great read, I felt like I was actually watching a very well-shot mystery/thriller movie.

Thank you to Maria for answering my questions and letting me post your opinions and for reading my book. I have a ton of gratitude (and I know Dave does too) for anyone who takes the time to read our first fiction novel. I cannot express how much!

I also really enjoyed being beside someone while they read the book on the beach. Sometimes Maria would giggle at a part and then I had the privilege of asking her what she read. Or, she would roll over on her sun-bed and ask something exactly in the moment she was reading it because the author was right beside her.


  1. Although I originally wrote this while in Greece, I've posted it a few weeks later. ↩︎

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