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Is everybody creative?

When I was in Grade One, our teacher Mrs. Lawrence would put a piece of paper that was super big (probably only 11x17 but it felt gigantic) on each desk and then she would go around the class with a permanent marker and make a line or a squiggle on everyone's page. From that single line, we were to use our creativity and our imagination to draw a picture.

I used to stare at that paper forever. All I would see was the line. I’d look over at my creative neighbours with envy—I specifically remember they had a beautiful whale and a detailed castle.

Were those kids more creative than me? Or were they exposed to more?

The fear is gone

Recently, I found a book called Complete This Drawing at the bookstore and purchased it for my art classes.

As you can see the pages have some lines on them and the idea is to complete the images as you like.

This book doesn't scare me now and to me it looks like fun. I enjoy discovering something incredible in a line or a squiggle.

At its core, I became cool with the idea of just doing the work, whether it was drawing, painting, or telling a story. At some point, I grew and it no longer stressed me out.

Now I need to consider

However, I’m sure that when I use it in class, some teenagers are stumped and only see the line.

When I think about these kids, I reflect on my own journey:

  • How did I stretch that creative muscle?
  • What was my evolution?
  • How much did exposure to visual stuff play in my creative process?
  • Is giving myself permission to just be creative as important as the information?
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