| David Gane

Jigsaw Puzzles

Solving story is like a jigsaw puzzle.

Pieces of sentences jumbled on a page and you have a sense of the picture but you’re still unsure how they go together. What’s worse, you very well may have some pieces from another box altogether.

A character’s journey in story is also a puzzle.

They don’t always know what the final picture is and they may have some of the pieces, but some of them they still need to find.

The choice is the path action to the goal: work on the edges, focus on a colour or what looks like one specific image—or dump the pieces back in the box and not even try.

Of course, all of this is like life and the beauty of story is that a character’s struggle is a replication of our own struggles.

We may not be searching for our missing girlfriend, but we have a problem to solve and all it takes is for us to pick up a piece and begin.

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