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Least stress possible

Along Comes a Wolfe is back on track and the cleaned up version has been sent to the printers.

While out at a party last night, there were several times people said they heard I was stressed.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel I ever was.

For me, stress occurs when I can't see the solution to a problem. As long as there is an action that moves me to my answer, no matter how hard it may be, the less I worry.

Sure, I didn't really enjoy reading the book slowly backwards[^1]—in fact, by the end, I felt like my eyes were going to shrivel up and fall out—but I knew that once I had done the work, my problem would be solved, and I could focus on other things.

I often find I can the solutions to most problems. Indeed, there are a lot of challenges in life that have unattainable resolutions. However, many complications can be overcome, but we continue to struggle, not because the solution is impossible, but because we fear the possibility of what happens if we do resolve them.

[1]: Reading backwards is a quick way to stop yourself from investing in the story and only notice the errors in sentences.

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