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Location, location, location

Shepherd's Watch takes place at a lake in central Saskatchewan, a small town in Saskatchewan and a beach resort and cabin all in Saskatchewan.

This weekend I rented a houseboat from Aurora Houseboats with a group of friends and we floated up and down the Saskatchewan River from Nipawin to Tobin Lake. It was lovely.

Dave was at the cabin with his family. He pointed out that I was going to be on location for almost all of book two. Until that moment I hadn't even considered the location of my houseboat adventure.

I guess the story and the reality have a wider distance in my head than I realized. That's probably good as we are writing murder mysteries.

The inside scoop

Along the way I noted some of the action of Shepherd's Watch. As a reader building your own environment is part of the pleasure of reading. That's one of the ways books are different than movies. Books let you do the work. Movies do it for you. However, I thought it would be fun to take our readers on a loose tour of Shepherd's Watch.

Now without spoilers this post is lacking major details but when you do read Shepherd's Watch you can see what Dave and I were picturing. If you have questions you know where to find us.

Let's begin the tour

These roads are driven down by Charlie and Tony.

The bridge is significant to evidence.

Shores like this one are locations for unfortunate events.

There was something cool about writing a story and then going back to where the action occurred.

Fire Tower Road and the equipment that would have been used by a character years ago was key to part of the plot.

A view of the lake from the shore on a sunny day.

A shore line from a different point of view.

A chunk of forest Charlie and Tony wandered into... and then stuff happens.

My houseboat companions enjoying the sunset. Fortunately nothing happened to them.

David and I sitting by the fire with satisfied smiles knowing we pulled off another mystery in a great Saskatchewan location.

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