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Look up...look around

I walk my dog Bamboo every day. When we got him, we were told his breed needed the exercise—and I figured I could always use it as well.

We usually take the same path, unless there is construction or some other obstacles. It helps me focus him. He knows where we're going, he knows the smells, he knows the routine. It makes the whole walk easy and efficient, since I'm not fighting him and distractions every step of the way.

However, the other day I happened to look backwards and caught this photo.

Then a few days afterward, I turned and saw how nice this tree was by the bridge.

I wouldn't have notice this things if I hadn't stopped and looked around. Although it was only a moment's pause, it was a small change in my routine.

It got me wondering: how many times in my day have I missed something because I've gotten stuck into my habits. What things have I not noticed because I didn't pause and look around?

More importantly, can I integrate these reflective moments into my life? Or do I need to make a new habit of not falling into my old ones?

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