| Angie Counios


Let’s talk about talent envy.

The lie

We all know those people. You know the ones I’m talking about. Those ones who seem to make tasks we find extremely difficult look so damn easy.

And we, from our separate, inexperienced point of view, think they must have some magical gift. They have a different intelligence or some natural talent to be so good at “fill in the blank”.

The friend

As you read this I know you’re all thinking of that specific someone: the friend who shows up at the potluck with fricassee or a stuffed Cornish hen; or that well-put-together person who found everything on discount or worse sewed their great outfit; or how about the person who learns a language as fast as John Travolta did in Phenomenon.

Yeah, well f*@& those guys!

The truth

Or at least f*@& them until about five hours ago when I talked with a friend who seems to be one of those ‘gifted’ people.

I asked, “Why is your kinesthetic intelligence so strong? Why does everything you do look so easy?” He instantly disagreed and described how hard he worked to learn to play guitar.

I listened to his description of him sitting with his guitar and painfully pausing the VHS tape to see the fingering and chords (this was a long time ago) and playing over and over and over and basically putting in his hours because he loved it.

I never saw his process. I only saw the result of him pick up the instrument and play.

The reminders

Hello!! Can we say 10,000 hours please? How could I even forget this rule?

He loves music so his passion is what kept him working at it. As he described his uphill battle to learn something he loved, I mentally began to scold myself. Of course he worked hard!! We all work hard for the thing we love. It doesn’t happen by magic.

I work hard every day. Like right now—it's bedtime and I just washed my paint brushes and I'm finishing up this post. I want to sleep but I want to do this creative dance more.

The magic is in the passion.

So talent envy is just an excuse for not going to war for something that’s really important, something that’s really worth it, something we really love.

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