| David Gane

Make It Right

This post has been rewritten many times. I first started it on Monday and now it's Wednesday. It started with one idea and now has turned out something completely different.

But I'm okay with all of it.

When I start out writing something new, I need to fumble around. When I make a post, I need time to make mistakes and figure out the direction I am going.

The same thing happens when fiction writing—time is spent figuring out characters, getting a feel for the story world, finding the main direction of action.

But this is also the moment when it can all fall apart for a writer. The mess freaks them out and fear slams down, getting in the way of the work.

For me, I say write badly. Write shit. This is the process to discovering the groundwork. And more importantly, remember this is the first draft and not the last—you've got the time to make it right.

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